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Cosmo's Tomato Pizza Sauce Powder 1kg

Cosmo's Tomato Pizza Sauce Powder 1kg *PAST BEST BEFORE*

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Best before 13 Sept 2019 - this is still perfectly fine to eat but may not have the same flavour as product that is within the best before date.

Cosmo's Tomato Pizza Sauce Powder Concentrated Mix is a tasty light reddish powdery mix, simple to mix up & prepare any quantity you require.

Instructions: Mix 100g powder with 250ml luke warm water and 10ml olive oil for 400ml pizza sauce. Stir or whisk until well blended.

Ingredients: Dehydrated Vegetables, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Modified Maize Starch (1422), Salt, Herbs, Spice, Anticaking Agent (551), Acidity Regulator (330). 


Nutritional information Pizza Sauce Powder

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