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Cosmo's Prestige Selection

Sprinkle Cosmo’s Garlic Butter Salt over your roast veges. Coat your chicken with Cosmo’s Original Coating before roasting. Sprinkle with Cosmo's Spicy Harissa if you like it hot! Don't forget to use Cosmo's delicious Instant Chicken Gravy! The family roast dinner is done!!

Unleash a Flavour Revolution with our latest seasonings!
🌟Cosmo's Savoury Salt adds depth and complexity to every bite.
🌟Cosmo’s "Macon" (Bacon Style) Flavoured Salt infuses your dishes with a burst of bacon flavoured goodness! 
🌟Cosmo’s Curry Salt brings together the bold flavours of traditional curry spices.

 <Proudly made in New Zealand>