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Our Cosmo's products are distributed throughout New Zealand. You can easily purchase them through our main distributors:

  • Hamilton Foods Ltd sell the full range of Cosmo's products and Food With Attitude takeaway packagings in the Waikato region.
  • Service Foods Ltd sell the full range of Cosmo's products.
  • Gilmours Wholesale Food & Beverage sell Cosmo's coating & chicken salt in all of their North Island outlets.
  • Trents Wholesale sell the full range of Cosmo's products and Food With Attitude takeaway packaging in all their South Island Cash 'n Carry stores.

Gilmours Trents

Become one of our distributors

south pacific island distributors

We are actively looking for South Pacific wholesale distributors to sell our range of Cosmo's products. If you think your business could provide a great distribution network, superior customer service and business development capabilities, please send your contact details through our contact us form. We look forward to discussing this partnership with you.