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Ansell AlphaTec® 58-535B Advanced Chemical-resistant Gloves

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  • Enhanced grip: AlphaTec® 58-535B industrial gloves’ ANSELL GRIP coating reduces the force needed to handle oily or wet parts
  • Elevated comfort: Their black acrylic inner liner improves comfort and facilitates outdoor application
  • Advanced defenses: AlphaTec® 58-535B safety gloves boast a bonded construction, with a coating polymer that doesn’t penetrate the liner in manufacture, preventing liquid and chemical leakage
  • Improved durability: They also possess ANSI/EN-compliant abrasion resistance
  • Specialized protection: In addition to chemical protection, they satisfy EN 407 contact heat level 1, preventing workplace injuries
  • Augmented dexterity: AlphaTec® 58-535B PPE gloves’ lightweight 7-gauge design offers greater dexterity and flexibility

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