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Hi-Temp Cleaning Tool Starter Kit

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  • $ 195.75 NZD
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Includes 1 Handle, 1 Detail Brush, 1 Pad Holder, 1 Pad (from left to right in the picture)

Pad Holder & Pad -
• Fitted pad works to remove build-up and is easily removed for replacement
• Flat surface makes cleaning easier, while the arched design maximizes tool contact on surfaces

Detail Brush -
• Designed to reach tight areas in fryers (gas or electric, LOV or traditional)
• Thin profile allows head to fit in between heating tubes and coils where soils accumulate

Handle -
• 22.5” universal handle features a quick release mechanism for easy removal o f the tool heads and hanging hook for convenient storage
• Ergonomic nonslip hand-stop and grip ball helps keep the user a safe distance from hot surfaces and liquids

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