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Miracle Powder Oil Cleanser 135g x 90Packs

Miracle Powder Oil Cleanser 135g x 90Packs

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Miracle Powder - want your oil to last longer and your food to always look golden and delicious, then this is the perfect product for you!

And it’s so easy - simply sprinkled into filter paper or our Tray for Miracle Powder Oil Cleanser used in conjunction with what filtering method you use, and it will remove both solid and dissolved impurities from used oil to give it extra life, all while you are sleeping. 

Why is Miracle Fry Oil Powder better than other fry powders?

Miracle Fry Oil Powder is free flowing and not chemically reactive. It is made of magnesium silicate which absorbs fatty acids and remove impurities that form during the frying process.

This specially designed powder has been developed to remove minute carbon particles which are a host to bacteria that attacks your oil creating acidity. It is of the highest food grade standard and most major fast food companies
use it.

Benefits Include:

• neutralise acidity (FFAs)
• reduces total polar compounds (TMP’s)
• removes carbons
• improves the colour of fry oil
• improves food quality
• free flowing inert white powder
• easy to use
• significantly extends the life of oil

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