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MACTRAP Grease Boss Autowash Units

MACTRAP Grease Boss Autowash Units


Max. 2 sinks
Dimensions: 750mm width x 500mm depth x 371mm height

• A front-loading filter basket of 2mm gauge located above water level to capture substantial solids and stop them flowing into and blocking the tank. The basket can be easily removed for regular checking and emptying if excess solids are not caught by a sink filter.*
• Sealed to prevent odour escaping
• PLC controlled with visual screen explaining any operating issues
• Accessible control buttons for service check and reset
• Magnetic switch-off when lid opened
• High performance with inflow rates <1.6L/sec**
• FOG extraction at up to 11.6Kg /hr***
• Grease retention <20Kg
• No heating element- instead it uses the hot water available in your own operation
• Raw water supply should be at least 45C - most animal fats are viscous at 40C
• Temperature sensor to ensure minimal water is used to rinse tank or soften FOG.
• Pump out option is controlled by PLC to occur only after FOG extraction cycle is complete
• Can take dishwashers inflow****
• Low enough for combi oven

*All sinks or sources of FOG should have a permanent filter as well.
** When all operating aspects are in respect to operational manual
*** When Fog components are at operating recovery temperatures and wiper clean
**** Combined dishwasher and sink inflow not to exceed specified inflow rate-dishwasher chemicals can affect FOG structure and hence recovery rate


Max. 2-8 sinks
Dimensions: 961mm width x 519mm depth x 474mm height

• High performance - removes up to 36kg per hour of fat, oil and grease (FOG)
• Accepts up to 2.5 litres per second influent - operational from 0.5 to 2.5 Litres/sec
• Fully automatic grease removal
• Easily maintained and simple to clean
• Free draining, built-in, front loading filter for solids capture
• Versatile and easily disposed of collection system
• Will handle dishwashers and self-cleaning ovens*
• Will recover some dairy product fats* depending on properties in solution
• Left or right flow options
• Optional pump-out unit. Reduces clean out times by allowing pump out after the grease removal cycle is complete
• Made in New Zealand, full parts, back up and service nationwide

* conditions applicable

We provide buy / lease-to-own options.
Contact us for more detail on 0800 622 220 or

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