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Cheats Butter Chicken

Posted by Ivy Lee on

Cheats Butter Chicken

This dish is a great way of saving leftover chicken and reusing it for tomorrow’s profit!

Creates 5-6 containers — double the recipe for larger amounts.


  • 500grams of warm left over chicken.
  • 2 cups white jasmine rice

Butter Chicken Sauce:


1. Mix all the sauce ingredients together and bring to a slow boil. Adjust cream, salt and cinnamon to taste.
2. Take leftover chicken drums, thighs or tenders out of your hot food cabinet. Immediately remove most of the skin and discard. Remove the edible meat and shred.
3. Reduce the heat and add the left over chicken. Bring up to full temperature (minimum 65°C).
4. Boil the rice until fluffy.

To Serve:

In a microwaveable 2-compartment takeaway dish with lid, add the cooked rice to compartment 1, and the cooked butter chicken to compartment 2. Either sell immediately out of your hot food cabinet, or freeze all remaining portions to be reheated in the microwave to 65°C for resale later.


It is important to shred the chicken while it is warm, and make sure you bring your sauce to the full temperature of a minimum 65°C. This dish can only be frozen and reheated once.

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