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Restaurant / Takeaways Cleaning Top Tips

Posted by Ivy Lee on

Restaurant / Takeaways Cleaning Top Tips

Cleaning a restaurant or takeaways is a challenge! Daily YOU are faced with grimy hot food cabinets, fryers coated in a gluey thick film of greasy residue and extraction hoods and splash backs that are frankly petrifying. We do understand your frustrations. We are here for help and give you some great tips from our top advisor Dave Gratwicke:

      1. Clean your Hot Food Cabinet in the morning before you start.  Warm the cabinet up to 60c and switch it off.  Apply Grease Beast in a (1:1) mix for your shock clean and let stand for 10 minutes, wipe clean.  After this use a Grease Beast 10:1 mix daily. After you get your cabinet clean, you may use SC2020 for a simple wipe.
      2. Clean your Fryers at oil change time while they are still warm (Grease Beast 1:1 shock clean for outsides, then 10:1 thereafter).
      3. Clean you Splash Back at oil change time (Grease Beast 1:1 mix for shock clean then 10:1 thereafter). After you get your splash back clean, you may use SC2020 for a simple wipe.
      4. Boil out your Fryers at oil change time (Grease Beast 10:1 mix for shock clean, and 100:1 thereafter) (mix in a bucket). If you have yucky wire racks or serving dishes, put them into the fryer you're boiling out.  They come out like new without heavy scrubbing.
      5. Use our clear 750ml trigger bottles with easy mix dilution scale on the side. Order a few extras for different dilution mixes and label for easy recognition.
      6. Get a few extra trigger bottles, mix them up and use them at work and home.  You will save a fortune in cleaning products and time.
      7. Cleaning is best done little and often, use the right products for the job. Below are highly recommended:

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