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How To Use A Fire Blanket On Fat & Cooking Oil Fires

Posted by Ivy Lee on

How To Use A Fire Blanket On Fat & Cooking Oil Fires

It is essential to remember that fire blanket use is only practical in cases of minor fire.

If possible, turn off the heat source e.g fryers or gas stove. Then open the blanket entirely out so that it is large enough to cover the whole flame to ensure that no amount of oxygen is reaching the fire. Fire blankets works by starving the fire from oxygen, which then disrupts the chemical process required for combustion.

While using the fire blanket, make sure you wrap the top edges around your hands to shield your skin from the flames. It is also important to make sure the fire doesn’t spread to your clothing.

Be sure to gently lay the blanket down instead of trying to throw it over the fire. Doing so will prevent the flames from spreading. Once the fire is extinguished, leave the blanket in place until there is no longer a risk of reignition.

Fire blankets are not designed to be used more than once, so make sure you dispose of your fire blanket after it has cooled down.

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